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Agentschap SZW
Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment Netherlands
Agentschap SZW is the managing authority of the Netherlands for the European Social Fund programme from 2007 to 2013 and is responsible for transnational cooperation under this programme.
Agentschap SZW is leading partner of the ESF Age network. The Industrial Relations Directorate of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment also participates actively in the network and co-finances its activities from 2010 to 2013. Age Management has been chosen by the Dutch government as one of four priority themes for transnational cooperation and exchange under the ESF programme 2007-2013.
Agentschap SZW is part of the Dutch Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment. Its mission is to implement and administer various national and European grant schemes related to social economic policy, in particular those concerning work and income.

The contact person details are:

Brenda Gietema
international cooperation
Phone: +31 (0)70 3152041

Autonomous Province of Trento – European Social Fund Office
The Autonomous Province of Trento (PAT) is a local authority with special self-governing competences. It covers a total area of 6.212 km2 and its population is about 519.800 inhabitants (2009). The European Social Fund Office of the PAT is the ESF Managing Authority. It manages all the interventions co-financed by ESF resources, it coordinates the activities carried out by the Intermediate Bodies of the Managing Authorities (Employment Agency and Education division), it develops the procedures related to the accreditation of training institutions and it is responsible for the interventions for qualitative development, through the promotion of assistance actions. The ESF Office promotes and carries out interventions at a regional, national and transnational level, in several fields: vocational training, lifelong learning, active ageing, social inclusion and active employment policies.

The contact person details are:

Ester D’Amato
Autonomous Province of Trento
Division for European Affairs and Local development
Phone: +39 0461 493549
Anna Povinelli
Autonomous Province of Trento
Division for European Affairs and Local development
Phone: +39 0461 491212

Department for Work and Pensions
The Department for Work and Pensions is the Managing Authority for the European Social Fund in England and Gibraltar.
The Intermediate Body for the ESF Innovation, Transnationality and Mainstreaming Programme in England and Gibraltar is Birmingham City Council.
One of the thematic strands in the ITM programme is demographic change (older workers).

The contact person details are:

Ian Chapman
Managing Authority
The Department for Work and Pensions
ESF MA Delivery Team
Joint International Unit
Steel City House
Level 5
West Street
S1 2GQ
Phone: +44 0114 294 3228
Lloyd Broad
Intermediate Body - England and Gibraltar
Birmingham City Council
Regional, European and International Division
PO Box 16284
B2 2XL
B3 3BU
Phone: +44 0121 303 2377

European Institute of Public Administration (EIPA)
The European Institute of Public Administration (EIPA), established in Maastricht in 1981, is Europe's leading centre of excellence on European integration and the new challenges for public management.

It is EIPA's mission to support the European Union, its Member States and the countries associated with EIPA by providing relevant and high quality services to develop the capacities of public officials in dealing with EU affairs. EIPA offers its services to officials at the EU institutions and in related bodies, and to civil servants within the national and regional administrations of the Member States, applicant countries and other countries in the framework of their relationship with the EU.

EIPA's services are developed along three main lines: Learning & Development, Consultancy, Research. With its headquarters in Maastricht, Centres in Luxembourg and Barcelona, as well as a presence in Brussels, EIPA is alert to developments across Europe and is responsive to its clients' needs and interests.

The contact person details are:

Cosimo Monda

ESF Agency Flanders
The ESF-Agency Flanders strengthens the implementation and innovation of the Flemish labour market policy and thus contributes to the realisation of the Flemish reform programme in the framework of the Renewed Lisbon Strategy.
The ESF-Agency plays her central networking and service providing role in a client-oriented and transparent way. Operating as a partnership organisation, the ESF-Agency sets the tone in programme, knowledge and quality management and in creating a framework for permanent development of compentences and professionalisation.
As manager of the ESF programme, the ESF-Agency ensures that the programme is conducted in a spirit of cooperation and partnership. That’s why the ESF-Agency works together on an intensive and structured manner with all the stakeholders in the employment policy.
It is possible to be permanently informed about the implementation of the Flemish ESF-programme: - The ESF-newsletter is published three times a year, giving information on the ESF-activities;
- An e-newsletter keeps you up to date with the latest news;
- Our website www.esf-agentschap.be is at your disposal;
Interested? Please give us your contact details!
Go to www.esf-agentschap.be and register for the newsletter and the e-newsletter! The ESF gives financial support to initiatives that contribute to more and better jobs for more people. Discover how ESF works in Flanders through www.esf-agentschap.be.

The contact person details are:

Catherine Bonnarens

ESF Agency French-speaking Belgium
The European Social Fund Agency is a separate department of the Ministry of the French Community of Belgium whose role is to manage European aid for the development of human resources.

It operates under the authority of a management committee composed in particular of representatives of the ministers of the three governments:
- Walloon Region
- French Community
- COCOF (Brussels-Capital Region)

For the 2007-2013 Programmes, the ESF Agency manages the actions of the European Social Fund in the framework of the operational programmes Convergence for Hainaut and Regional Competitiveness and Employment for French-speaking Belgium (Walloon Region, French Community and Brussels-Capital Region (Cocof)) excluding Hainaut.

The ESF Agency participates in the preparation and coordination of the programmes funded by the ESF and is responsible for the administrative and financial management, monitoring, control and evaluation of the said programmes.

The contact person details are:

Guy De Smedt - Director
Agence Fonds social européen
Chaussée de Charleroi, 111
1060 Bruxelles (Belgium)
Phone: + 32 2 234 39 40
Fax: +32 2 234 39 94

Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affaires, European Funds for Employment
The unit in charge of the ESF Age network implements ESF programmes in the fields of social intergration and transnationality.
Our social integration programmes focus on labour market measures for migrants and on improving intercultural competences. In the field of transnationality we provide mobility measures for young people and handicapped persons and we foster transnational exchange by engaging in various learning networks like Age Management, Youth Employment and others.
We have the lead for the learning networks “Inclusive entrepreneurship” and “SaviAV”. Our aim is to establish a close link between our transnational activities and national esf programmes in order to facilitate the process of mututal learning between the member states and ensure succesful implementation of the ESF in the EU.

The national web site www.esf.de provides more informtion to targets and programmes.

The contact person details are:

Sabina Schlinke
Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs
European Funds for Employment
EF 2 -Transnational Activities / XENOS
Rochusstr. 1
D -53123 Bonn,
Phone: +49 (0) 228 99 / 527 - 1828

The General Delegation for Employment and vocational Training

General Delegation for Employment and vocational Training (DGEFP)
The General Delegation for Employment and vocational Training (DGEFP) is a department that reports to the Minister for the Economy, Industry and Employment. It acts as the European Social Fund managing authority in France.
The DGEFP is responsible for policy-setting in the area of employment and lifelong vocational training. As such, it provides a legal framework for these policies, in consultation with ministerial departments and employers’ and union representatives. It also guides and coordinates the implementation of practical schemes. It works to dovetail all these policies with the European strategy and European efforts to combat poverty and social exclusion.

ILC Netherlands
The Foundation International Longevity Centre Netherlands (ILC Zorg voor Later) is an independent not for profit organisation dedicated to interdisciplinary research, public debate and actions in the field of longevity and population ageing. Taking care of tomorrow is the slogan of ILC Netherlands, a member of the worldwide Alliance of International Longevity Centres. As a partner in the ESF Age Network, ILC Netherlands is responsible for content management. At present the organisation is coordinating a network for the promotion of Age Management in The Netherlands. Its main objective is to enable older workers to be productive as long as possible and as long as they wish. The board represents a broad spectrum from social partners, institutions, science and public administration.

The contact person details are:

Bert Lokhorst
Stichting ILC Zorg voor Later
Rijnsburgerweg 10
2333 AA

ISFOL (Institute for the Development of Vocational Training of Workers) is a public research institute supervised by the Italian Ministry of Labour and Social Policies. ISFOL mission is to contribute to promoting employment and local development by providing technical assistance (TA) to the State, regional authorities, and key national institutions.

Since 1973, ISFOL has been playing an institutional role in the field of VET, employment and social inclusion, both at national and EU level. At EU level ISFOL has a twenty-year record in providing TA to Community Initiative Programmes; it hosts the Leonardo da Vinci National Agency and provides support to ESF-funded Transnational Cooperation (Head: Antonella Attanasio).

Since 2008 Isfol is responsible for the Web Communication withinf the ESF AGE network.

The contact person details are:

Francesco Chiurco
Struttura Attività e Relazioni Internazionali
International Activities and Affairs Structure
Phone: +39 (0)6 44590866
Fax: +39 (0)6 44590875

Ministry of labour and social policy

Ministry of labour and social policy Poland
Department for ESF Implementation is responsible for management of Priority I, Priority II and Measures 5.4, 5.5 of Human Capital Operational Programme 2007-2013 within the framework of the European Social Fund. It is acting as Intermediate Body and 2nd Level Intermediate Body for abovementioned measures and its main role is to set up selection criteria and coordinate the development of ESF systemic and competition projects. The overall objective of the Programme is to allow full deployment of human resources through an increase in employment, enhancing adaptability of enterprises and their personnel, reducing areas of social exclusion, popularisation of education in the society and providing support for administrative structures of the state. In the previous programming periods the Department was responsible for implementation of ESF Measures 1.1, 1.5, 1.6 and Priority 3 of SOP HRD 2004-2006, PHARE 2002 and 2003 Social and Economic Cohesion Projects related to human resources development.

The contact person details are:

Dominika Skwarska
Ministry of Labour and Social Policy
Department for the ESF Implementation,
Strategy and Evaluation Unit
Tamka 3, 00-349 Warszawa
tel. +48 (22) 461 63 22, fax +48 (22) 461 62 64
e-mail: Dominika.Skwarska@mpips.gov.pl

Ministry of Social Affairs of Estonia
Ministry of Social Affairs of Estonia is responsible for labour (incl. labour relations, working environment and occupational health as well as labour market active and passive measures) and social policies (incl. welfare policy as well as pension policy) and healthcare in Estonia.
From the point of view of European Social Fund it’s important that Ministry of Social Affairs of Estonia is responsible as 1st level intermediate body for ESF activities which are drawn together under the Estonian Human Resource Development OP priority axes 3 ’Good quality and long working life’ on period 2007-2013.
The general objective of the priority axis is to increase the supply of qualified labour force and improve the quality of working life. Activities includes preventing unemployment and inactivity, bringing the unemployed and inactive into employment, especial measures for risk groups (including people in the age 55+), changing the working environment to one that protect the health of workers, promoting healthy living and working to help people to stay longer in labour market, increasing the clarity and flexibility of labour relations, increasing the satisfaction of the parties in labour relations with working life, as well as promoting gender equality.

The contact person details are:

Kristi Suur
Adviser on ESF Co-ordination
Labour Market Department
Phone: +372 626 9184

Servicio Andaluz de Empleo
Since it was created in November 2002, the Servicio Andaluz de Empleo (Andalusian Employment Service) has been the managing body responsible for active employment policies within the Employment Department of the Junta de Andalucía (Regional Government of Andalusia). This body provides services to citizens, companies and social actors as well as public and private bodies and it uses ICT as a means of creating more and better jobs.
The main services are: labour counselling, vocational and continuous training, promotion of entrepreneurship, promotion of local sustainable development, implementation and coordination of actions derived from the European Employment Strategy in the Autonomous Community of Andalusia, as well as participation in the programs and community initiatives.

The contact person details are:

Fiorella Gómez Ordóñez
Technical Assistant
Polígono Hytasa, C/ Seda, 5
41006 Seville (Spain)
Phone: +34 955 033 575

Spanish ESF unit
The Spanish ESF Unit (UAFSE) is the Managing Authority at national level and deals with the management of the ESF and the coordination with the rest of Structural Funds. It depends on the Ministry of Labour and Immigration. The aim of this Unit is to promote employment and human resources development in the country.
The ESF funds activities and measures developed in the context of national and regional active policies on employment, especially those focused on vocational training, fostering entrepreneurship initiatives and improving the labour market, through an Operational Programme in each region and three Multiobjective programmes.
The ESF Spanish Managing Authority finances projects developed by the different intermediate bodies and promoters.
The national web site www.mtin.es/uafse provides extensive information regarding the Programmes and the most important events

The contact person details are:

Carlos Tortuero Martin
Director of the ESF Unit
c/ Pio Baroja 6
28009 Madrid (Spain)
Phone: 34 91 3631800